Ethical responsibility and innovation work together to promote sustainable development.

Since 2000, URSFUR has always strived for excellence in quality and is committed to creating products that can be passed down for generations.


Raw materials:

Imported professional breeding farms: Kopenhagen Fur (Denmark), NAFA (Canada), SAGA Furs (Finland), American Legend (USA), and Sojuzpushnina (Russia).

Comply with ethical standards:

Animal Welfare: Sustainable fur clothing manufacturers take the welfare of animals very seriously. The animals enjoy comfortable living conditions, proper nutrition, and veterinary care. The humane treatment of animals is a top priority.

Transparency: Ethical fur producers are typically transparent about their breeding and harvesting practices. They work hard to educate consumers about where their fur comes from and the ethical standards they uphold.

Alternative Fur Sources: To further address ethical concerns, some sustainable fur apparel brands focus on utilizing fur from abundant animals that are not endangered or hunted in the wild as a more ethical option for fur production.

environmental sustainability

In addition to animal welfare, sustainable animal fur clothing also attaches great importance to the protection and sustainability of natural ecology.

Artificial Breeding: One of the key elements for the sustainable development of the fur industry is the practice of artificial breeding. This means the animals are kept in captivity, reducing the need to capture or hunt wild animals for their pelts. This helps protect natural ecosystems from the potential harm associated with fur trapping.

Environmentally friendly practices: Ethical fur producers are often committed to environmentally friendly practices. This includes responsible waste disposal, efficient resource use, and measures to reduce our carbon footprint.

Sustainable Sourcing: Some fur producers also take steps to source furs from animals raised in areas with sustainable agriculture and land use practices to minimize their impact on the environment.


URSFUR works for the common destiny of mankind.