When I was looking for some blogging directions, I found the LAPOINTE brand very interesting.


Sally Lapointe is a women’s designer ready-to-wear collection designed and produced
in New York City. Lapointe offers the industry modern minimal luxe with an edge.
The designer masterfully mixes luxurious fabrications to create juxtaposition in her
collections that complement the modern and minimal silhouettes.

Born in Massachusetts, Sally Lapointe began her education in fine arts at an early age.
Attracted to painting and sculpture for their ability to communicate emotions through
colour and texture, Lapointe was fascinated with creating objects that both explored
personal experiences and elicited a visceral response from others.

Lapointe graduated with a BFA in apparel design from the Rhode Island School of Design
in 2006. Teaming up with fellow RISD graduate Sarah Adelson, in 2010 they moved to
New York City and founded the eponymous collection.

Sally Lapointe collections continue to receive accolades including being the
FGI rising star award in 2015 and Forbes 30 under 30 in art + design in 2013. Her work
has been profiled in publications such as Elle, Harpers Bazaar, New York Times, i-d,
and Interview. Lapointe has become a resource for political icons including
first lady Michelle Obama and celebrities such as Emily Blunt, Kendall Jenner,
Katy Perry, Llily Aldridge and Gigi Hadid.”




When I was looking for some blogging directions, I found the LAPOINTE brand very interesting.

Designers often use small areas of fur materials as embellishments of the entire clothing. Common cuffs, shawls, and scarves are used almost every season.

At the beginning of 2024, mob wife style has swept through all major social platforms. Its protagonist is fur. If you don’t like large areas of fur, then you will definitely like these small accessories.

When I was sorting out information, I discovered the brand’s 2016 F/W design.



They are all very suitable for ordinary people. Even if you don’t have a model’s figure, they are easy to match. In fact, it can be seen very early on that designers are very good at finding inspiration from different fabric combinations. The luster reflected from different fabrics is also very good. They are very different, so the matching effects are also different. This is a practical matching skill. For example, the luster of a sweater is dark, the matte silk material is shiny, or the material that looks smooth is a A good choice. If you also want to become a fashionable street photographer, let us learn.

In fact, the 2016 design does not seem to use much color. What surprised me is the 2024 F/W series. The design uses feather cuffs and some other fur elements, but the colors are bolder. Compared with the F/W series in 2016, many fluorescent colors have been added, and there are also many interesting things about the fabric material. For example, other materials are used to create a texture similar to metal, and there are a lot of sequins and hollows. In the future, It’s very interesting. To be honest, I didn’t have any fondness for bright colors like fluorescent colors before, until I saw the designer.


LaPointe RTW Spring 2024
Of course, some mismatched materials and color splicing are still maintained, but it won’t look too messy or exaggerated. If the candy colors are not well matched and have a plastic feel, they will look cheap and disastrous, you know.

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